February 13, 2021

Time to Talk Day (Mental Health Stories)

On 04th February 2021 we celebrated Time to Talk Day and were joined by Keith Winestein, Davina Thakur, Angelos Georgakis and Sarah Hollebon who shared their mental health story with us.

Time to Talk Day (Mental Health Stories)

Keith Winestein: Keith’s 11 years working on Time to Change at Mind resulted in a significant decrease in stigma around mental health in England.He was successfully involved at a senior level leading this national behaviour change campaign, creating a social movement. This resulted in getting the nation talking about mental health. Keith devised the Champions Fund which awarded £160,000 to support Champion-led activities. He developed systems and resources empowering leadership. They include digital toolkits, training programmes and producing the Champions Podcast to amplify the voice of lived experience. In January 2021 Keith became a Trustee of Men Talk Health. Follow Keith on Twitter @KeithWinestein

Davina Thakur: 30-year-old Davina Thakur, who works in finance, has started the charitable incorporated organisation Mind If I Share. Her goal for the charity is to help people by encouraging them to talk about their own experiences of mental health. Follow Mind If I Share on Instagram @mind_ifishare

Angelos Georgakis: Angelos Georgakis is a Mind-Body Healing and Elite Executive Coach. He empowers banking executives to become part of the elite. He helps his clients erase toxic behavioural patterns and master their emotions. Influence, office politics, and acing challenging conversations are common areas of his work with clients. His coaching approach combines different disciplines such as neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, and mind-body healing. Follow Angelos on LinkedIn here

Sarah Hollebon: Sarah is a fashion designer and mental health activist who explores and raises awareness of social issues through sculptured garments.
Her brand creates collections that highlight people’s real experiences and challenges where some are extremely deep rooted. Sarah is a public speaker through @speakers.collective , Using garments at talks, speeches, and workshops opens up and begins the conversation on mental health. Sarah offers a unique and captivating experience to visually engage and educate a wide range of audiences from young children to large corporate organisations. Sarah is also a @ttckingston champion, where she enjoys virtually or physically voicing her and other champions mental health stories at events to end stigma and discrimination. Follow Sarah's work on Instagram here