March 11, 2021

Sanisha Wynter, The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Sanisha Wynter is a Mental health BPD advocate and the founder member of Speakers Collective An Inclusion specialist, Queen Bi and a Survivor, this is her mental health story.

Twitter: @sanishawynter

Sanisha identifies as a black bi cis woman who lives and thrives with Borderline Personality Disorder.  Sanisha has worked in various equality and inclusion roles within the charity sector at NUS and Stonewall, aiming to further inclusion and advocate for marginalised people in the workplace and communities. She has developed empowerment programmes and guidance on race equity, LGBT inclusion and disability accessibility. She aims to influence and inspire BAME and LGBT inclusion.  In 2019, the UK LGBT charity Stonewall listed Sanisha as their bi icon.