June 16, 2021

Roberta Payne's Story of Success

Roberta is a retired professor and teacher, and a working artist and writer and this is her story.

Roberta Payne is a gifted writer, artist and leader with degrees from Stanford, UCLA, Harvard and the University of Denver. Roberta has coped with mental conditions since the onset of depression as an undergraduate in college. Twice hospitalized, she says that her paranoid schizophrenia has “tried, but failed, to define” her. Today, she is 40 years sober and her life is what she would have chosen: “work and love.” A successful author, she shares her skills and wisdom teaching creative writing to youth at The Mental Health Center of Denver. You can buy her memoir, ‘Speaking to My Madness: How I Searched for Myself in Schizophrenia’ on Amazon (click here to buy).

We had the honour to speak to her.