April 2, 2021

Celebrating World Bipolar Day 2021 with Bill Bernat

A TED speaker, a recovering addict, a comedian, a storyteller and a person living with Bipolar 2 diagnosis. One man, many hats, meet Bill Bernat.

Bill is a recovering addict (12 yr) who lives with bipolar 2 and has had successful careers in technology and then tech marketing. His TED talk on How to Connect with Depressed Friends has nearly two million views. He performs an award-winning comedy show about suicidal depression and addiction, Becoming More Less Crazy in the US and Canada.

He is a certified public speaking coach who specializes in talks and stories about mental health journeys. He also helps organizations reduce the isolating impacts of depression, anxiety, and burnout. Learn more at stayawesome.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.