January 22, 2021

Bipolar Disorder - a boon or bane

A blog from someone who is living with bipolar disorder for the past 36 years. What do you think? Join the conversation..

Bipolar Disorder - a boon or bane

At the outset I must say that I am not a psychiatrist but one who is having this disorder for the past 36 years. It is a disorder in which the person suffers either extreme manic or depressive phase successively. In extreme conditions the person has no control and the life is hell for the patient and more so for the friends and family members. This stage is curable which looks like impossible. It is generally by putting the patient in care centers for Mental Health. It is a slow progress by means of medication and therapies.

Once the person is reasonably fine both medication and therapy must continue. The therapeutic medicines are followed by prophylactic medicines which are nothing but mood stabilizers. These stabilizers are to be taken as per prescribed dose under strict care of psychiatrist followed by requisite blood test time to time. Prophylactic medicines are to be taken regularly and if missed once, double dose should not be taken under any circumstances otherwise toxicity may lead to adverse effects instantaneously. I have myself suffered a lot on this count. These medicines have side effects which are overcome by counter medicine. This all is taken care of by the psychiatrist.

By keeping a regular dose of prophylactic medicines and a carefree life style, by keeping yourself busy in some physical or for that matter any activity of your choice one can lead an exceptionally satisfactory life fulfilling all your mundane responsibilities at ease.

Whether you a businessman or an employee, you can discharge you duties without disruption.

This I say with my own experience. I have been a government officer for 38 years and with best of my scientific work with submission of reports and publications, I received my promotions and rose to the level 2nd highest in the hierarchy.

I conclude and discovered that my Bipolar disorder has been a boon and not a bane. By keeping my disorder in the mild manic and mild depressive stage I could liberally engage myself as an extrovert or introvert at own will.

My journey with prophylactic medicine is going on uninterruptedly. Those who know me they watch me and seek my advice time to time. I always love to render help. I am not attached to any formal charity yet I am always available to individuals who wish to seek help if they consider me worthy of it.

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